Organic Hannmar Products You Must Have in Your Wardrobe

We understand how important it is for you to maintain your charisma at every splendid event that you attend. 


It is not just show off by any means. 


It is about presenting yourself in a sensible yet charming manner to make new friends, catch those effluent clients or to get the date of your dreams!


That is why we have put enormous care while crafting our extravagant attires.


Although sustainable and organic fabric aren’t considered for the party-wardrobe, we have diligently selected them as the soul of our apparels to ensure first class comfort and luxury. 


We don’t really have to brag about our designs, just have a look at them. 


We are sure that you’ll fall in love!

Denim Jacket

What’s better to begin with than the popular and reliable denim?


It has its humble origins as a durable array for individuals who worked hard in the gold mines of San Francisco, where it was stitched into jeans. 


Later, it became a symbol of the rebellious, but as it was successful and captured the hearts of many, we may even call it revolutionary as a fashion garb. 


So, we thought —  


“Why not stitch a classic matte indigo blue denim jacket?” 


And we did, and crafted one of our finest!


To accentuate its classic look, we added the spread collar, and suede trim in the square pockets. 


We were definitely inspired by the movies of the 70s and 80s, and managed to bring the charm of the nostalgic age in this array.   


To look even more classic, you can pair it with a raw denim bell bottom jeans, a white tee underneath the jacket, chelsea boots, and some sober golden accessories. 


However, we don’t really have to talk about plenty of other variations in which you can wear a denim jacket. 


Your imagination is the limit!  

Dark Fantasy Floral Shirt

Any number of people will tell you to stay away from the quirkiness that these shirts supposedly carry, but they are missing a wonderful choice. 


To begin with, Tom Cruise, Daniel Craig, Sylvester Stallon, Leonardo DeCaprio and other major actors are spotted embracing the Hawaiian garb in their movies. 


Why though?


Because the aloha or floral shirts are a symbol of the rebellious and soothing, which was a refreshing break from the solid hued bland men’s fashion before the 1950s. 


So, what can be better than an array with a fine dark hue and crisp floral print for a night-out? 


We have spiced the classic design with a trendy Jermyn street collar with unique marigold and gardenia print on black bamboo fabric. 


It’s not only a classy and dynamic choice, but also the most premium and comfortable.


With a little creativity, pairing it with a slim fit raw denim jeans and black derby shoes, for example, will show off your exuberant personality perfectly! 


The organic fabric is easy to your skin, resists odor, and protects the environment. All these factors make this shirt a great choice for all party-freaks with a taste of class and comfort.


The Renaissance-Contemporary Shirt


It is often seen that the old and new are poles apart. Take the vibrant and enchanting beauty of renaissance design and the soothing contemporary design for example. 


Both belong to a different era and have a distinct ambience. However, we saw the possibility of a unique design which blended both of them perfectly.


So, we achieved the harmonious balance of renaissance checkered and contemporary floral motifs on the white Egyption lenin array. 


Thus, we ended up with one of our finest and most premium silhouettes that you can wear on an occasion.  


The fine organic cotton is blended with dye extracted from pomegranates, which gives it a comfortable and luxurious feel.


Match it with an off-white straight fit denim and a nice pair of chelsea boots. You are ready to fish some easy compliments at your evenings!


Extra Weft Checkered Shirt

Plaids are a fashion standard for a long time now, and for a good reason! 


Even if you are a complete stranger to fashion, you might have a plaid shirt in your wardrobe. 


It is because they are simple, timeless, and classic; which make them the choice of every fashion lover and the common folks alike.


With a simple twist of extra weft, this pineapple yellow plaid shirt is an excellent choice for parties and hangouts. 


You can pair it with a slim fit raw wash denim jeans and derby black shoes to present your cool personality effortlessly!




Stripes are one of the ancient designs around in the fashion industry. 


Although it was associated with prisoners in olden times, It became a symbol of boldness, daring and a common fashion design by the 18th century in Europe.


Leather, on the other side, is the choice for making garbs before the arrival of fabrics. 


In modern times, it could only be purchased by the effluent, which made it a symbol of class and nobility.


So, we decided to craft a unique modern array with the fine yarn-dyed cotton incorporating the classic design the regal material. This garb sports a rich crepe weave along with the brushed effect, which makes it ultra-soft and comfortable.


You can match it with blue raw denim with chelsea boots to present yourself in a fresh look.  

The Fur-Collared Matte Denim Jacket

Our last denim jacket in the list was indeed a classic and versatile apparel. 


However, we wanted something more suitable for clubbing and night-outs. 


So, our muse tapped us and gave the idea of a sassier and more premium denim jacket. 


With the S-twist twill weave denim fabric, we stitched a bold jacket with a spread fur collar. Since fur has always been a status symbol since the early 11th century, it is bound to give a lavish and casual appeal to the array. 


If you want something fresh for your late night hangouts, then this piece is a great choice for you.


Although the suitability of this apparel is a bit narrow, that doesn’t take away it’s charm in the occasions for which it is suitable. 


For example, if you layer it on a round white tee, pair it with the slim fit raw wash black denim jeans, chelsea boots, and some matching accessories, you are pretty much ready for a high class social gathering!  

Red Palm Shirt

How we can miss something for beaches and lighthearted hangouts during the day?


We are happy that we didn’t, and stitched a casual garb for a soothing holiday.


This boxy-fit array sports a minimal palm tree prints with a coral red hue on the mercerised cotton. It also has the suede trim half sleeves and cuban bowling collars.  


Why palm tree prints?


Because they are a symbol of peace and triumph, and we thought there would be nothing better for this stitch.


You can pair it with a toned coloured shorts, calf long socks, and sneakers for a casual yet fashionable look for beaches. However, you can also pair it with a pair of matte black trousers for hangouts.

Suede Jacket




A jacket which has both lavish and versatile qualities, and a fresh appeal.


So, we crafted an apparel with a suede finish sporting cemented colour and regular collar. The fabric on the inside has been printed to give it a rich feel.


This is a simpler design suited for most occasions, without sacrificing the premium and lavish look.


There are many variations in which you can wear this craft. 


However, you can pair it with a turtle neck black tee, slim fit white white denim, and a pair of black boots to highlight the boldness of your personality!


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