About Hannmar

Hannmar is dedicated towards creating sustainable fashion blended with luxury and opulence. Hannmar incorporates bold design language with an ever increasing demand for eco friendly and green fashion industry.

We dedicate ourselves towards researching and designing apparel for the future. A future where environment is the number one priority.

What Do We Make?

We are passionately thriving towards achieving a blend of class, comfort, and luxury in our silhouettes to bring out the aspiring influencer within you. It is our mission to keep refining our dexterity, designing, and manufacturing to the paradigm of perfection.

‘What you wear is who you are’ is the wisdom known for ages, and in the glamour industry, it is the mantra resonating in its being. It is not important what you say, but how you say it. Similarly, what you wear and how you wear it is the unspoken but revered language in social interactions.

Keeping that firmly in our minds and knowing that you have an uncompromising nature when your persona on stake. We only consider the finest fabrics and expertise to fashion our posh designs. The delicate balance of comfort and style is not compromised, as we make sure what goes into manufacturing is refined through and through.

Our collections will complement your bold and charismatic attitude and your sassy dressing sense. A carefully crafted aid that will make your presence felt.

What’s Inside?

We use sustainable textile and organic materials to manufacture, promoting the well-being of our customers, the environment, and the community of farmers in our country.

Integrity, reliability, and excellence are the core of our craftsmanship. Don’t believe us! Let our ensembles charm your mind and soothe your soul.

Hannmar is the symbol of sophistication and the uncompromising. After all, nothing lesser will make Loud In The Dusk.

 Our Team

Lalit Chauhan

” He is a graduate from NIFT Bangalore and has corporate exposure with major apparel giants of India”

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